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company news about How to configure EDTA disodium solution and precautions

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Company News
How to configure EDTA disodium solution and precautions
Latest company news about How to configure EDTA disodium solution and precautions

How to configure edta disodium solution and precautions

In clinical blood testing, edta disodium anticoagulant can be seen everywhere, which can effectively help improve efficiency and ensure test results, but it is not limited to this purpose, and can also be added to daily chemical cleaning products as a preservative Function, fully stabilize product performance. Before dissolving, most of the disodium EDTA produced by the manufacturer is a powdery substance, which needs to be prepared into a solution and added to the test tube before use. So the following is a specific introduction to the configuration of edta disodium solution and some problems to pay attention to.

1. Configuration steps

The disodium EDTA powder is configured into a solution, and the steps are roughly as follows:

1. Prepare appropriate amount of disodium EDTA powder, distilled water and sodium hydroxide solution.

2. Add a certain amount of distilled water to the prepared disodium EDTA powder to dissolve it, and then stir it quickly with a stirring rod. Add sodium hydroxide solution during the stirring process until the pH value is adjusted to the required norm value. After the disodium EDTA is dissolved, add distilled water again to dilute the solution to the required position.

3. Then use a filter to filter the solution once to get the solution, then put the solution into a container, put it in high temperature for sterilization, and the prepared solution can be stored stably for about 1 year at a temperature of 4 degrees.

2. Configuration Notes

In order not to affect the accuracy of EDTA disodium standard solution, we should pay attention to the following points during the configuration process:

1. When weighing disodium EDTA powder, attention should be paid to accurately controlling the dosage to avoid errors in the configuration process. The solution used during the preparation must be prepared with distilled water without any component impurities, and the container used should be cleaned more than 3 times with pure water.

2. The prepared solution cannot be placed in ordinary glass bottles, because the calcium ions in the bottles may react with EDTA, which will affect the experimental results. Try to use polyethylene bottles or hard glass bottles.

3. The produced disodium EDTA powder is easy to transport and store. If it is configured into a solution, it should be used immediately after mixing. Do not leave the prepared solution for a long time, which will lead to deterioration and abnormal results.

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