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company news about How is Tris stored?

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How is Tris stored?
Latest company news about How is Tris stored?

When it comes to biological buffers, the first thing that comes to mind is tris, also known as tris. The reason may be that tris is a very down-to-earth biochemical reagent, which has a wide range of uses and can be seen almost everywhere in daily life: it is an efficient skin care product ingredient; it is a common pharmaceutical intermediate; it is an important component in new coatings ; It is also an essential buffer component in the virus preservation solution.


Tris is a zwitterionic buffer in the form of a white powder with good water solubility and is easily affected by temperature changes. Tris is a kind of weakly alkaline substance, and the pH value of the aqueous solution is about 10.5. Generally, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid to adjust to the required pH value during use, and then a buffer solution with this pH value can be obtained. According to buffer theory, the effective buffer range of tris is between pH 7.0-9.2.


When storing Tris powder, first of all, you need to pay attention to moisture-proof to prevent agglomeration, which will affect the use effect; secondly, tris is easy to chemically react with carbon dioxide in the air, which will affect its use effect. Therefore, in addition to the need for cool, dry and ventilated storage, special attention should be paid to sealed storage. After taking out part of the tris, it should be sealed as soon as possible. In addition, metal substances such as tris copper and aluminum have certain corrosive effects, so they should be classified and separated when storing.


After Tris is configured into a solution, the change of temperature will directly lead to the change of its pH value. Generally, the recommended storage temperature is 4 degrees Celsius. Of course, it can be stored at room temperature or at a low temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius, which should be selected according to specific experimental requirements. In addition to paying attention to the influence of temperature, it is also necessary to always pay attention to whether there is deterioration, growth of bacteria or impurities in the tris solution. If there are any of the above conditions, it is not suitable to continue to use it.


The tris produced by Yunbang is of good quality, the purity can be as high as 99%, the production process is stable, and the difference between batches is small, which can ensure that the appearance of the product is white crystal powder and does not contain impurities. In the process of product transportation, we will also do a good job of sealing and moisture-proof to ensure that the product is in the form of powder with uniform particles in the hands of customers. Please contact me!

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