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company news about Comparison of Bicine Buffer and Tris Buffer

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Comparison of Bicine Buffer and Tris Buffer

1. Similarities


Both Bicine and Tris are a kind of Good' buffer, which are used to adjust the pH value of laboratory liquids. They are both white crystal powder in appearance and have good water solubility. They need to be formulated into solutions in a certain proportion when used. Both can be stored in a sealed environment at room temperature for a long time, and can be used as buffers for electrophoresis experiments.




1. Subtle differences in appearance: Although both bicine and tris are in the form of white crystal powder, careful observation reveals that the crystals of bicine are elongated and look more like monosodium glutamate; while the white crystals of tris are shorter and thicker. It looks more like sugar granules.


2. The pH value is different: the pH value of the bicine aqueous solution at room temperature is 4.0-5.5, which is an acidic solution. According to the buffer coefficient, its buffer range is between pH 7.6-9.0; the pH value of the tris aqueous solution at room temperature is 10.5 -12, is an alkaline solution, and the buffer range is between pH 7-9.


3. Different uses: bicine is mainly used in the laboratory research and development process and chemical production process, and is a commonly used buffer in low-temperature biochemical work. It can be used for serum guanine enzyme determination, enzyme reaction buffer, etc.; tris is more widely used , in addition to biochemical experiments, it can also be used as pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetic additives and new coatings and other fields.


3. Other differences

Tris is a commonly used basic organic chemical reagent. It is often formulated with hydrochloric acid, boric acid, acetic acid, etc. to form biological buffers with different pH values and different uses, while bicine does not have so many derivatives. In the final analysis, bicine and tris still belong to two different substances, so there are still many differences in physical and chemical properties.



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